Vivant et consumendi
Triumphus omnes cherubim

Exsultate nos et vos, et seraphim

Cælum, et terra laudibus hymnum

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[Ah, yes. It’s difficult to surprise them. At least he gets a chance to do so when they’re human, however temporarily.]

Mm… I had a pretty close brush with one of them. But you know how kids can be. If I didn’t risk my neck in there the demands for Bunny would never have stopped. 

Ah, your valiance should be rewarded, no? It is only fair.

[They turn around to hug him proper.]

I’m certain that he appreciates what we’ve done, and if not, hopefully the future will prove it eventual. We’ve ensured his survival for now, at the very least.

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[happily eats the bacon. bacon is a very good mood to be in. they like this mood.]

[he’ll gladly get them all the bacon they want. Seeing them happy makes him feel good, and he needs it right now.]

[They are pretty aware that he’s had a hard time, seeing as they are aware of most things.]

Thank you, mon moite.

[They lean into him and give a sigh of relief.]

It would seem that certain threads of circumstance are coming to a close. I have a feeling we’ll have our hands full very soon.

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[spits gross slugy plastic at]



[Tiny hungry frog chirping.]

[gives them a piece of bacon. he’s been in a very bacon mood lately.]

[happily eats the bacon. bacon is a very good mood to be in. they like this mood.]

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[Tiny hungry frog chirping.]


"That is good then." The Batter shifted, drawing his knees up to his chest.

His voice went softer, “Hugo told me that Matthew died, but that no one else was hurt from the collapse… I cannot help but think that I could have protected him somehow. But I cannot remember what even happened…”

"Hm, I wouldn’t feel too guilty…those things are beyond our control. It’s likely you blacked out before the cave in even got to him." They fed to Hugo’s lie, if only to save the feelings of the poor batter. It wasn’t like it was a lie that he shouldn’t be guilty over it. He was under some sort of anon magic, that was hardly his fault.


"Well that is good. That you have gotten it relatively under control I mean."

Liam started to idly fiddle with his shirt hem.

"How have the mines been fairing? Since the accident, I mean. No more collapses, I hope…?"

Their grin softened. “It seems to be holding up quite well. I’ve seen to it that it won’t happen again. At least not for long while.”

(( bara beetle mort needs to be stopped


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They were indeed patted on the face, to which they responded with a small noise between a squeak and a raspberry.

"Very well, If you change your mind just mention it, I have plenty of supplies to help with stuff like that." 

"Honestly, I think it is simply stress from the accident. I will be alright."

He dropped his hand before moving to sit down on the ground.

"What have you been up to in the mean time…?"

"It seems that I have returned to my frog-like manner again. It’s gotten to the point that I think we my have gotten a routine down. Balance is important in a relationship like the eye and myself have. It’s a complex system that took a bit of work to get used to, but I believe it may have gotten on track." They grinned.

"Otherwise, just a few small details besides the normal guardian duties."

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